Kelly Hussey-Smith is an artist living and working in Narrm / Melbourne, Australia. Her practice and research interests focus on collaborative methodologies in contemporary art, the politics of aesthetics, and relational ethics. She practices at the intersection of visual art, investigative journalism, and expanded documentary and believes these practices still have much to offer public discourse. She regularly undertakes social history projects in collaboration with activists, community groups, public institutions, and non-government organisations, in addition to ongoing collaborations with Alan Hill.

In 2017 she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for the creative thesis apart & a part: a new kind of archive, and has taught into a number of photography programs in Australia. She has written and delivered several tertiary courses including an Expanded Documentary studio at RMIT University and the Non-Fiction Education Festival—co-designed with Alan Hill and run for the first time in collaboration with Pathshala South Asian Media Institute and Photo Circle in Nepal in 2016.



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